Sunday, 11 February 2018

Interesting Fact 10

Building used as a Devon Dairy School

Around the turn of the 20th Century and well into the Edwardian period of the first decade Devon supported a travelling Dairy School to provide education, mainly for girls, in the skills associated with producing dairy products. Devon Dairy school visited East Worlington and while it is impossible to confirm an exact date photographic evidence supports it presence in the Parish Hall.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Kitchen Refurbishment Project Week Six

This week has seen the successful completion of the kitchen refurbishment of the project. There remains some conservation work which was unable to completed due to the weather condition in this phase of the Heritage Project.

Kitchen Units
All the kitchen units have been installed and worktops fitted. Cupboard doors and drawers have been added to finally complete. The worktops have been cut and fitted and the edging strips applied. The backboards have been fitted to the walls above the worktops.

Serving Hatch
The serving hatch has been completed and an oak sill fitted.

The plumber has connected the sink unit, connection for the dishwasher, water supply for water boiler and fitted drainage pipe work.

Electrical Work
The electrician has now connected all the circuits for the white goods, power sockets, lighting and emergency lighting. He has tested the circuits and provided a certificate.

Painting and Decorating
The painter and decorator has been at the Hall this week and completed the painting of the walls and timber items, including the serving hatch, external door, internal door, cupboard above the oil tank, architrave and skirting.

As a final task the stone flag floor has received a final coat of sealant.

Thanks - Trades People and Volunteers
Our thanks go to all the trades people and volunteers who have worked on this project and enabled this phase to achieve its planned outcome.

Thanks - Funders
This project has been possible as a result of the Heritage Lottery Fund who supported the conservation work, Devon Community Foundation - Batsworthy Wind Farm Community Fund, and all the contribution made through our own fund-raising.


Friday, 2 February 2018

Kitchen Refurbishment Project Week Five

This week has seen the project make significant steps forward towards completion.
The flooring flags have been laid and the joints have been pointed. The floor will be sealed as one of the last tasks of this project.
The fascia boards have been painted black. The heritage black aluminium guttering has been delivered from Guttercrest and fitted by Steve.
Serving Hatch
Mark has constructed bi-fold doors for the Serving Hatch and fitted them. They have been prepared ready for painting.
Cupboard Over Oil Tank Cupboard
Mark as constructed some cupboard doors and hung these to form the cupboard above the oil tank. 
Kitchen Units
Work installing the kitchen units has progressed well this week. All floor and wall hanging cupboards have been fitted and work tops cut to size.
Electrical Work
The electrician has been on site fitting the power sockets, lights, appliance circuits, and emergency lights.
Cooker, Dishwasher and Wall Mounted Boiler
The cooker dishwasher and wall mounted boiler have been delivered this week and in the Hall ready to be installed.
The new plaster has been prepared and primed ready for final coat decoration.
External Kitchen Door
The external kitchen door has been constructed and fitted by Haydons. This door is draught proof, can be locked and opened from the outside and has an emergency exit crash bar fitted on the inside.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Interesting Fact 9

Use as a Community Facility for Meetings and Other Community Purposes Early 20th Century
A document (East Worlington Kalendar of Quotidian Quotations published by Rev. H. A. Hill in 1910) describes the barn in a similar way to the earlier documents thereby confirming it is the same building. By 1910 the building was being used as Parish Rooms, which indicates an earlier date for use for the purpose. During this period the building was still owned by the church.
He also describes features of how the building had been restored and converted.
Writing his ‘East Worlington Kalendar of Quotidian Quotations’ in 1910, Rev. H.A.Hill was happy to accept that the barn of 1727 – and presumably also that of 1679 - was the very same that had recently been converted into a Parish Room. In 1910 the fabric, he tells us ,’is the same as that described in the terrier of 1727: ‘built of mudd and consisting of five bays.’ The old cob walls,’ he continues, ‘are good and of a soft and matured hue: the roof is of thatch and a pent-house over the doorway has been added and a verandah. Everything has been done in the restoration to preserve the rustic appearance and effect. An old oak window frame with deep moulded mullions was rescued from one of the village cottages, and inserted in the north wall; and two others of similar design have been put in and filled with diamond leaded panes. The courtyard in front has been paved in the old Devonshire fashion…’ Archaeologist Report, South West Archaeology.

Heritage Project February Question

Every month for a year we are asking a question linked to the history of the hall to provide an opportunity for community engagement by researching and sending us the answer.

February Question
Do you have any photographs of East Worlington Parish Hall over the last 100 years that you are willing to share to develop our visual archive of its history?