Friday, 26 February 2016

Conservation and Improvement Project - Week Ending 26th February 2016

This week Richard Slee's team has started to skim the ceiling with plaster and Richard Frost, the thatcher, has started on the front side of the Hall.

On Monday the lime plaster arrive from Mike Wye's and work started on plastering the top of the walls. Time is needed to allow the plaster to dry before the next layer can be applied. A 'scratch' coat has been applied to the gable ends and this will form the foundation of additional coats of lime plaster. The panels between the purlins and the A-frames have been skimmed. The timber had to be covered to prevent the plaster staining the oak. One of the challenges for plastering with lime plaster is the time it takes to dry and this is affected by the climate. This week has been cold and this means a slower drying time.

Richard Frost has now completed the work to the ridge on the rear of the Hall and has started on the front. The first task was to strip out the old top layer of thatch and this was achieved during the week. A piece of timber had to be fixed to the lower edge of the roof to lift, slightly, the first row of new thatching so that the spars did no penetrate the plasterboard ceiling inside.

Both Richard Slee's team and Richard Frost have work well together to solve any challenges they find and work progresses to plan.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Conservation and Improvement Project - Week Ending 19th February 2016

This week has seen progress with both the thatch and internal works.

Internally the roof space has been lined with plasterboard in readiness for the plaster skimming. This has been a precise job to ensure the plasterboards fit round the different shapes of the timbers. A representative of Mike Wye and Associates, who are specialist in lime plaster, visited the Hall to provide information and advice about the plastering of the ceiling and top of the walls. He also estimated quantities and confirmed the products. These have now been ordered. The timbers in the roof have to be protected so they are not stained by the plaster. Each piece of timber is being covered with suitable protective material.

The stud wall that has provided the internal lining of the old thrashing barn door has now being removed and this has exposed the inside of the door for the first time in many years. This shows the structure of the door and details like hinges.

During the week it is possible to see significant progress on the thatching of the roof at the rear of the Hall.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Conservation and Improvement Project - Week Ending 12th February 2016

This week has seen progress with both the thatch and the internal roof work.

 Early in the week the joiner completed the installation of the timbers that support the span of the A-frames. With this completed it was possible to complete the installation of the insulation and start to fix the plasterboards to the roof rafters. This is precise work as each board has to be cut to fit the shape of the roof timbers.

On the roof the thatcher has made good progress and is now laying the top layer of thatch. This is good progress given the extremely poor weather conditions at the beginning of the week.

On Friday we held our weekly project team meeting to monitor progress and plan the next week's targets. Much time was spent planning the installation of the timber frame that will form the stage. This is being constructed by Graham Haydon from South Molton.

On Friday the audio/visual expert visited the hall to advise on the cabling that is needed to install a data-projector that can be used from films and presentations.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Conservation and Improvement Project - Week Ending 05 February 2016

Monday morning the thatcher has started stripping the old top layer of thatch from the roof. Inside the timber that will form purlins for the additional support to the roof structure were being prepared.

Work on the thatch continued all week with the top layer at the rear of the building completely removed and the process of adding new thatch started.

Progress continued to be made during the week in installing the new and additional roof timbers. There were some challenges as the old roof is not straight and the new timbers are. The joiners overcame this challenge.

The insulation is now installed in the roof.

With the scaffolding moved from the North end of the building it is now possible to get a better view of the old window in the gable end.

With the electric meter cabinet moved it has exposed the cob wall and it is possible to see the cob structure and condition. The cob wall will be covered by lime plaster as part of the project.

On Thursday there was the weekly project team meeting to discuss issues of the week, monitor progress and plan for the following week.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Heritage Group

Minutes of our December meeting now on line.  The Group would be grateful for any recipes you like together with the reason why that recipe might be special to you or your family.  We're hoping to publish a 'Recipes of Worlington' booklet.