Saturday, 14 November 2015

Conservation Project Web Page Updates

A record of the conservation work on the Parish Hall is being uploaded to the new EWPH Web Site and photos to Picasa. Its a slow process to make notes about the work, collate and then upload the photos which will form part of the digital archive for the Parish, but we're getting there.

Deborah Meaden Sends Message of Support and Encouragement

Deborah Meaden, probably best known for her work with Dragon's Den on television, is unable to come to open the Hall following the completion of conservation and restoration work due to her heavy workload. Deborah has sent a message which provides us with encouragement and support. We thanks Deborah for her best wishes.
‘I would like to wish all those involved, the very best with the restoration programme and fund-raising for the Parish Hall.’

Conservation and Improvement Project - Contractors On-site Week 4

Week beginning Monday 9th November
Richard Slee and his team and Bob Short the plumber, finished their work on the first phase of the project this week. They will return in January 2016 to continue the work.

Monday 9th 
Bob Short completed laying the underfloor heating pipe work, installed the manifold and pressure tested the systems. All OK.

Richard Slee's team started to screed the floor to cover the pipe work. The screed work is being done in two parts. Today the south end of the Hall was completed.

Tuesday 10th
Richard Slee's team continued to screed the floor and completed the north end of the Hall. The screed now needs some time to thoroughly dry before any more work can be carried out.

Wednesday 11th
Richard Slee's team on site and made an excellent job of tidying the Hall and the site generally as their conclusion to this first phase of work. Thanks go to the team.

Parish Hall Trustees held there bi-monthly meeting and received a report on the progress of the work. Trustees are happy with progress to-date. They made a decision which allows the the conservation work to continue in January 2016, one month ahead of the original plan.

Friday 13th
Richard Boxall, Project Manager, and Steve Baber, Project Lead, met to review the work and plan for the next part of the project. One of the challenges is to locate the oil storage tank using the outside store. Some work will need to be undertaken in the kitchen to extend the store and make it fire-proof.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Trustees Meeting in November

Our Parish Hall Trustees met this evening and received a report on the progress with the conservation and improvement work at the hall, and the heritage project generally. The Trustees were delighted with the progress made and the quality of the conservation and improvement work. They approved to continuation of the next phase of the project to start in January 2016.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Heritage Project

Heritage Project Meetings

Minutes of our Group's October Meeting now on our web site.

At our November meeting last night we saw the work that the East Worlington Primary School are undertaking on our joint project - really fantastic!  You must have a look when its finished - hopefully by Christmas.

Conservation and Improvement Project - Contractors On-site Week 3

Week-beginning Monday 2nd November
 A focus on installing the underfloor heating pipe work this week.

Monday 2nd 
Plumber, Bob Short and Son, arrive at the Hall and makes a start with laying the underfloor heating pipe work. Richard Slee's team continued to lay the insulation so that the whole of the Hall's floor is fully insulated.

Tuesday 3rd 
A site meeting with Richard Boxall (Project Manager), Richard Slee (Contractor) and Steve Baber (Project Lead). Good progress is being made and pace and quality is in line with the project plan and specifications.

Wednesday 4th
More underfloor heating pipework laid today. There will be seven independent circuits in total. Six in the floor and one under the stage.

Thursday 5th and Friday 6th
Continuing to lay underfloor heating pipework and prepare the floor for the screed by fixing reinforcements in place and setting the levels.


Sunday, 1 November 2015

Conservation and Improvement Project - Contractor on Site Week 2.

Week beginning Monday 26th October 
Good progress has been made this week with observable results.
Monday 26th - Final preparation for concrete by installing the reinforcement mesh. Paul Waring ( Building Control Inspector) visited the Hall, approved the works to-date and agreed that the concrete sub-floor could be laid. Richard Boxall (Project Manager) Steve Baber (Project Lead) and Richard Slee (Contractor) held a progress meeting and confirmed quality and pace were in line with our requirements.
Tuesday 27th - 9.00am and the concrete mixer arrived. The concrete had to be barrowed from the mixer to the inside of the Hall. Richard Slee and his team work all morning laying the concrete sub-floor.
Wednesday 28th - The main job today was to lay the floor foundation that will be under the stage. The concrete was mixed by hand using a portable concrete mixer.
Thursday 29th - The form to support the concrete retaining walls under the stage was constructed. Laying the insulation on top of the concrete sub-floor in the hall was started.
Friday 30th - The retaining walls under the stage were concreted. The weekend allows time for the concrete to 'go off' before work starts again next week.