Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Heritage Research - Meeting Derek and Maurice

Steve had an afternoon with Derek Webber and Maurice Butt, listening to their recollections of living in Worlington and some of the events. Maurice was born in Little Witheridge before the second world war and he recollects soldiers camped nearby. The soldiers were deployed on search light and anti-aircraft duties. Maurice spent his early working life working for the Stucley Estate and was able to explain what life was like during his time in the area. He recollected the winter of 1963 when he was living at Keepers Lodge, when he and his wife were snowed in for more than two months. More of  Maurice's stories will appear on our website.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Meeting of Trustees / Management Committee - Heating

The Trustees / Management Committee met to decide on the approach to the heating solution for the Hall in phase 2 of the conservation and improvement project. Due to the location and site of the Hall only an oil boiler or an air source heat pump are possible options. The Committee preferred the air source heat pump as a more environmentally friendly solution however the issues with heat loss in the old building, the fact that the systems runs best in a well insulated environment, the additional cost of installing the system, the visual impact on the grade 2 listed building and the subsequent negative impact on its heritage value resulted in the Committee considering that at this time there were too many risks to support it as the chosen option. The Committee were very supportive of building an Air Source or other similar solution into phase 3 of the project, with planning starting immediately.